The Fine Print:-

Terms & Conditions

All orders accepted are subject to the following terms and conditions. It is the prospective hirer’s responsibility to ensure they understand them fully.

Hire Period:-

The hire period is deemed as one day. Hire equipment is delivered or collected from our depot one day before the event and will be collected or returned to our depot the day after the hire. Any additional days are charged at 10% of original hire subject to previous arrangement. Weekend Hires are delivered on the Friday and collected on the Monday and classed as a one-day hire.

Hirer’s Responsibilities/Hire Item:-

It is the hirer’s responsibility for any damage incurred to goods or containers from the moment the hirer collects or Scott’s Catering Services deliver until the hirer returns or Scott’s Catering Services collect. 

Scott’s Catering Services remains the sole owner of the goods throughout the period of the hire.

Damaged/Lost Items:-

Substitutes for lost, damaged or broken equipment cannot be accepted.

The hirer will be charged a sum equivalent to the standard list price of any damaged, missing or broken equipment.

Scott's Catering Services to determine list price.

Should an additional collection be necessary to retrieve missing/non returned items this will be charged at full delivery cost plus additional hire.

Equipment should be checked by the hirer, before use and any deficiencies reported to Scott’s Catering Services, claims for refunds after completion of hire on the grounds that some equipment was not used, arrived damaged or was missing on delivery will not be considered. If no-one is there to receive delivery of goods then the driver will leave in a safe dry area, with a copy of the delivery note.


Delivery times are at Scott’s Catering Services discretion between 7:00 am and 8:00pm. Out of hours callouts are charged at a minimum of £60 before midnight and £120 after midnight dependent on location.

Larger deliveries where more than 1 van is required will be charged delivery per van and location.

Scott’s Catering Services will take every precaution to ensure that equipment is clean, polished and in good condition on delivery.

Scott’s Catering Services will deliver to one central point undercover at ground level. It is the hirer’s responsibility to set out any items from the point of delivery. Similarly, the hirer is responsible for the collection of equipment to the single pre-arranged delivery point, stacked and packed the way in which it was delivered.

Where the drivers/porters have to deliver or collect from dispersed locations, set up, dismantle or trace shortages an additional charge of £60 per hour will apply, charged in fifteen minute blocks.


Payment of invoice should be paid before the delivery date.

Cancellations made on the day of delivery will be charged at 100% of hire charge.

One day previous will be charged at 75% of hire charge.

Two days previous will be charged at 50% of hire charge.

This applies to whole or part cancellation of order.

Late payment will incur additional charges of £20 per every weekly reminder until debt is cleared.

Useful Guidelines for trouble free hiring:-

Take care in repacking equipment.

Place items back into correct boxes.

Try to sort out cutlery where possible.

Make sure linen is dry before putting in the Linen Bags Provided, before returning, this will avoid mildew which can set in quickly, Please do not use Black Bags as this causes sweating and dampness to the table cloths.

If using candles, avoid drips as this can stain the cloths - especially coloured candles.

Take care when unpacking linen to avoid dragging on floor and footmarks which cannot be removed.

Items can be viewed in person at our Glenrothes base through appointment although pictures are available on the website of individual items.

You can amend your order at any time, it is best however to try and save your changes and make as few calls as possible to minimise the risk of mistakes. We will reconfirm your order and ask you to confirm that it is correct. 

Orders are normally made up 2/3 days in advance so it is useful if you can confirmed your final orders as soon as possible.